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Health Systems Simulation Modeling

Decisions are complex.
We can help.

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From Simulation to Insight

We specialize in health systems simulation using state-of-the-art methods and software. Whether you want to understand possible effects of a new policy decision, identify potential holes in your data collection, or even explain a recent trend, we can help. Contact us for a free consultation.

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We build simulation tools for your team to help see beyond your data. In regular consultation with your team, we ensure that your insights, whether from data or practical experience, are captured within your simulation. And since the ultimate goal is your learning, consistent and clear reporting ensures you understand not only what the model is doing, but why.

We build agent-based, system dynamics, discrete-event, and hybrid models. We also integrate these methods with machine learning algorithms.

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Knowledge Integration

It is important to be able to include insights from a diverse array of data sources. We can draw upon insights from whatever unique data you have gathered, whether that data is

  • cross-sectional or longitudinal

  • aggregate and population-level

  • individual, such as from smartphones

  • qualitative, such as from surveys

  • relational, such as for social networks

But we can also go beyond the numbers: Our systems modeling techniques also allow us to capture your qualitative knowledge. This allows us to break free of limiting assumptions and make your models much more flexible and insightful.

The Wall of Ideas


Do you want to experiment with specific interventions? Do you want to find key leverage points? Do you want to learn how to avoid or reproduce past situations? We match your goals with state-of-the-art parameter estimation and sampling methods. This increases the reliability and rigor of your model, better informing your complex decisions.

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Human Behavior

We specialize in problems sensitive to assumptions of human behavior. Many analysis tools often make unrealistic assumption of human behavior. However, understanding the role that human decision making plays in complex health systems, we can leverage our expertise in modeling human behavior, whether that means building agents with scientifically-informed behavior heuristics, eliciting human preferences from Discrete Choice Experiments, or analyzing and integrating data from smartphone studies.

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